How we got started

Custom Merch was started by our head printer Dave, way back in the 1990s. With a great eye for design and a passion for vintage Americana, Dave started his own t-shirts label selling through independent stores all across the UK.  So that he could get his t-shirts looking exactly as he wanted them, he taught himself screen printing   and experimented with all kinds of printing techniques to get the perfect finish.  He started printing for other brands and businesses, and as word got around the business got bigger and Custom Merch was born.  20 years on, Dave heads up our team of printers, and we print for clients all across the UK, Europe and beyond.  

What we do 

We take your designs and idea and make them into all kinds of printed garments and goods.  We work with all kinds of customers from start up brands to rock n roll bands, sports teams and businesses.  

With minimum orders from just 10 garments through to runs of 1000s, we work with clients of all shapes and sizes. 

How we do it

We make everything in our warehouse in Plymouth in sunny Devon.  This means that we can commit to our timescales and offer great quality and customer service.  We're really passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on our fast and friendly customer service. 

To find out more about who we are and the kind of thing we do then join us over on our Instagram and Facebook.